PM Modi AC Yojana Online Registration -Free AC distribution by PM Modi- Apply now to get air condition  [Fake / Real]

PM Modi AC Yojana Online Registration -Free AC distribution by PM Modi- Apply now to get air condition [Fake / Real]

PM Modi AC Yojana to get air conditioners at cheap prices in 2019, register online, or book for Prime Minister AC plan from July, exchange offer applicable

To save the general public from being hot, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to start a new PM AC project. Under this, PM Modi’s AC Plan 2019, like the LED bulbs under Central Government Ujala scheme, will provide air conditioners at low rates to poor people. People can now register for PM Modi AC scheme to apply online for cheap but efficient AC under this prime minister AC plan.

People will be able to fill online application forms from the PMAC scheme online from July 2019. May launch this plan by that month.

PM Modi AC Plan Eligibility

It is important to note that from July 2019, online booking will be opened and people can then order 1 AC for themselves. Under the air conditioner scheme of Modi, Eligibility Criteria for availing AC benefits are as follows: –

Those who want to apply online and want to book, they should be permanent resident of India
Only those people whose names are in their house can apply online and order air conditioners under PMAC scheme.

Under the PM AC plan, the default temperature in all AC will be 24 to 26 degrees. In Japan, there is a provision of running AC at a temperature of 28 degrees. This will reduce the electricity bill of the people. These ACs save about 20 billion units of electricity every year.

Quality of ACs under Pradhan Mantri AC Yojna 2019

Important features of the AC provided by Modi Government Under the PM AC scheme, the following are as follows: –

All ACs provided by the Indian Government PM Modi will be at least 15% to 20% less rates than other companies under the AC scheme.
These will be of very good quality and the 5 star rating of other companies will also beat the AC.

Under Prime Minister AC plan, it will save electricity from 35% to 40% compared to the normal AC. Hence the PM AC plan will ensure that people get less electricity bills on the installation of these air conditioners.

Apart from this, there is an exchange offer for purchase of AC under PMAC Plan 2019.
Guaranteed duration of AC under PM AC Plan will be 1 to 5 years.

PM Modi AC Yojana Online Registration to Start [Fake/Real]

PM Modi’s AC planning online registration is expected to start from July. Then people will be able to apply online and order 1 AC at your home. After booking for AC, people will get their ordered AC installed in their home within a period of 1 month. According to the EESL report, ACES is manufactured by EESL at lower prices than other companies, but it does not include any subsidy from Central Government. So in our opinion, according to preliminary reports, this scheme is fake.

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